The Bays Bullsh*tters

Your playing career doesn't have to stop because father time isn't slowing down on you. Be a part of one of Sumners most iconic rugby teams and supportive teams running (running being a very loose term) around a paddock.

Sumner Rugby Football Club Inc. used to have its own Golden Oldies team affectionally known as the “Sumner Shag’s” for a number of years, it played a number of teams in the Canterbury region and attended the World Golden Oldies Tournament held in Christchurch and a few away trips out of town as well, But with dwindling numbers, it was agreed to combine with the Mt Herbert Bay’s Golden Oldies Team known as the “Bays Bullsh*tters” around the 1999 year.

Since joining in with them the Bay’s Bullsh*tter’s have attended a number of World tournaments with either the World Golden Oldies or the Vintage Rugby Golden Oldies and travelled around the world including Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Wellington, Sydney, Christchurch, Ireland, Scotland and Hawaii to name a few

As a club we play matches against other Canterbury teams usually about every 3 weeks on a Sunday afternoon, Kick-off usually about the 2 pm mark, some at our home grounds and others away at the other teams home grounds, This is always followed up by a good bit of social mixing with our opponent’s, many who have become close personal friends over the years, do a series of speeches followed up by the Host club putting on a feed for everyone.
Our Home Grounds are Diamond Harbour and we also use our back up home ground’s being St Leonard Square on occasions.

We usually do trips out of town to either tournament’s or just to visit and play other club’s, sometimes as an end of year trip as well. Some of these are; Hokitika, Picton/Blenheim, Greymouth, Kaikoura, Murchison, Nelson, Geraldine, Kaikoura,  Ikamatua.

We are very much a family orientated Golden Oldies Club, we welcome all age groups and family’s and many of our children have grown up attending games when they were younger and now join in and play for the club, a number of our members come from all around the Canterbury region, some further afield and we are a club with a very wide age range, and abilities on the field, Our Wives and Partners and family members are very much an important part of our culture, and we have all developed great friendships within our club.

Our Aim is to Enjoy Everybody’s Company, Enjoy Socialising together and most importantly Have Fun in Life.

If this is something you would like to be part of and enjoy please contact one of the following


Andy Toy                      Dave Hughey                                 Richy Fisher

Phone 0272963327       Phone 0274361422                        Phone 0273294503